Re-leathering the hand crank connector rod
The 15k hand crank connects to the balance wheel by a hinged metal drive rod. It can be disconnected because a disconnected hand crank can spin freely and be moved to any position to fit neatly into the machine case. The hinged top of the connector fits between the spokes of the balance wheel and it is much smaller than the gap it goes into so it flips in easily. However, this means there is always some movement of the connecting rod before it bashes into the balance wheel and starts pushing it around. To protect the paint of the balance wheel from this steel-on-steel sandwich, the flip top of the hinged rod that connects the hand crank to the balance wheel was wrapped in a piece of leather held in place by a rivet to pad the contact point. After about 100 years, the leather wears through and the rivet makes a chinking sound as the machine stops and starts and it bashes against the paintwork. You can fix this by wrapping a new bit of leather around the whole thing.

NB The balance wheel is the big flywheel at the right of the machine. Its high moment of inertia keeps the machine running smoothly and its size is handy for spinning the bobbin wider fast.
Do this if:

You have a hand crank and your machine makes a metal-on-metal chink sound as you stop and start sewing

You will need:

  • A piece of leather about 1cm x 5cm, as thick as possible
  • A craft knife
  • A straight edge to cut against, e.g a steel rule
  • A machine needle to sew leather
  • A hand sewing needle for leather
  • Thread
Worn original leather
Cutting action Cut a strip from your leather the same width as the piece already on there and long enough to wrap all the way around. Cut it to length so the 2 short edges butt up against each other
Fit your machine with a leather needle, set it to its longest stitch setting and use the machine, without thread, to punch a row of regularly spaced holes down each short side of the strip. Sample packet of machine leather needles Punched strip and leather hand sewing  needles
New leather bumper laced like shoes Thread a leather needle with 2 strands of thread. Curl the leather strip round and lace up the holes like a pair of shoes.
Slide the leather loop over the original leather strip, tighten the laces and knot the thread ends. Cut off the trailing threads and sew again. New bumper in situ

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