Add a hand crank to a vintage Singer treadle machine
Standard Singer treadle machines were not supplied with a hand crank. They are a useful addition to a treadle machine because they offer control at very slow speed, a way to push a suitable needle through many layers of fabric and an easy way to start the machine. Find a hand crank for your machine by cannibalising a hand crank machine or buy one from Raindrop Kites.

Do this if:

You have a standard treadle and a hand crank was not fitted at manufacture
Unbolt the hand crank mounting blanking plateand replace it with the hand crank. View showing the casting used when no hand crank is fitted
Start the bolt back into the machine with your fingers, using your non-dominant hand to hold the crank in place. Finish with a big screwdriver.
Fingers start the bolt A big screwdriver tightens the bolt home
If the driving rod that flips into the flywheel (properly a balance wheel) makes a "chink, chink" sound as you stop and start the machine, its leather bumper has worn through. Follow the link in the side bar to "Replace worn leather bumper" to find out how to fix this.

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